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Bergamont e-bikes

The Bergamont team sends greetings from St. Pauli! That's where bicycle developers with smart ideas and the highest standards come from. At Bergamont, building high-tech e-mountain bikes is not an end in itself, nor is it a means to achieve anything else. Instead, the journey and the goal are to extract the maximum riding pleasure out of drive, spokes and frame. Only the ideas of the Bergamont engineers, employing their own development and core technologies make it possible to ride a bicycle to the limit and offer the basis for increased riding performance as well as the highest possible safety and reliability standards.

The home of Bergamont bikes: St. Pauli, Hamburg

The company's founders feel inspired to incorporate the very elements of the colourful and lively district in which the company is based into the DNA of the Bergamont bikes. This has enabled Bergamont to differentiate itself from other manufacturers in almost every bike line. Colours, shapes and approaches are creative and consistent at the same time. The Bergamont team is also proud of its district - where rebellion goes hand-in-hand with traditional craftsmanship. Year after year, the relatively young bicycle brand, bursting with innovation and design, gains even more respect in the bicycle market.

From city to trekking to fully: The e-lines of the Hamburg bike manufacturer

Bergamont boasts two major e-bike series: E-Sport and E-Comfort. The category designations mean that you immediately know what is what. While some e-bike enthusiasts love racing fast or technically over hill and dale, others are more at home on the plain - although often just as speedily. This can be easily be seen in the Bergamont range. Everyone can have the right machine.

E-Sport: from e-fully to hybrid

No, "E-Sport" is not a mountain bike controller for a game console. The "E-Sport" line offers consequential bicycle concepts for the ambitious athlete. The line includes full suspension e-MTBs, hardtails and hybrids. Hybrid bikes are a symbiosis of mountain bikes and road bikes and they are increasingly seen on the roads, especially in urban areas. Hybrids are the e-bikes with the best of both worlds.

E-MTB hardtail: through the mountains with 500-watt hours

Hardtail MTBs are those where the rear part of the mountain bike frame is rigid, i.e. without shock absorbers. This provides maximum traction, power transmission as well as weight savings. If you want to put your wheels on your shoulder to reach an otherwise inaccessible spot, then it’s worth it.

Our expert for this type of terrain is - as the name suggests - the Bergamont E-Revox Expert. It has an extra-light aluminium frame and the PowerTube 500Wh lithium-ion battery is already built in. The 250 Watt Bosch Performance CX motor is located directly under the PowerTube, the mid-mounted motor acting as a stabiliser for the centre of gravity. According to the manufacturer, the range is 215 km, although these numbers cannot always be taken at face value.

We really didn't understate the weight. The excellent E-Revox Expert weighs just over 20 kg, which is up to 20 percent less than other models.

Downhill pros swear by full suspension

The full suspension mountain bike has, in contrast to the Hardtail, suspension elements on both bicycle wheels; for bumpy paths, downhill passages, single trails and also for simply more riding comfort as well as taking care of the biker’s back. The suspension elements are adjustable on the more sophisticated Bergamont bikes. For example, you can lock the suspension to get more traction when riding uphill.

One of our favourites from Bergamont in this area is the E-Contrail 6.0 Plus. 120mm suspension travel at the fork and Dual Air rebound suspension at the tail: not quite the be all and end all but the e-MTB doesn’t lift off the trail quite so quickly.

In addition, the E-Contrail 6.0 Plus has an absolute must for such steep slope racers: hydraulic disc brakes - in this case from Magura. Thanks to the smooth operation of the disc brakes, high-precision braking is possible at all times. It's fascinating that the Hamburg-based company shows such sensitivity and expertise when it comes to bicycles for mountainous regions.

E-Comfort: from trekking bike to deep entry

Although their frame geometry may seem like absolute opposites, trekking and city bikes do overlap, at least when it comes to their intended use. Many bikes are designed to perform well on both long and short distances. Other models are tailor-made for the territory they are normally used on. For example, the Urban Bike line.

They offer more flexibility on two wheels over shorter distances. They are more compact and lighter than trekking bikes and have elements taken from the road bike or racing bike segment. Quite often - or at Bergamont exclusively - you will find so-called deep entry bikes among the city bikes. These are single tube e-bikes that are particularly comfortable and remind one of Dutch bikes where one can sit upright on the saddle.

The e-trekking bikes of various price and performance classes, on the other hand, are clearly designed for cyclists who also want to cover slightly longer distances. They usually have a top bar to guarantee maximum stability.


The most popular trekking models of 2018

Three of the various electric trekking bikes have turned out to be absolute favourites. The E-Horizon 8.0, the E-Horizon Elite and the E-Horizon N8 FH 500 are the top bikes of the season when it comes to long-distance riding. Each with 250Watt (at 36V) powerful motors and 500Wh power in the batteries, the three models can achieve up to 200 km (according to the manufacturer's specifications) with one battery charge. The "Elite" model in particular impresses by the streamlined construction of the electric parts – very soon, no optical difference to normal bicycles will be visible.

The lightweight Rock Shox Paragon Silver Gabel (Fork) with lockable suspension provides stability and exemplary power transmission - just what you need on smooth and level roads. Schwalbe's Energizer Plus tyres have been specially designed for e-bikes and provide extra grip in corners if you occasionally need to go a little faster.

The favourite among the city e-pedelecs

The pedelecs of the "Urban Line" have been especially developed for everyday use. Compact geometry, very deep and comfortable "deep entry", short wheelbase, luggage rack and many other city-bike attributes make the electrified city bike into what it should be. It takes you from A to B in a flash and without frills.

The E-Ville XT and DEORE models from Bergamont were particularly impressive. They are named after the Shimano brakes and Deore and Deore XT wheel hubs of the same name, and these components also represent the main differences between the two models. Apart from that, they are almost identical in every respect: suspension with lockout function, high-performance drive (motor 250W, 36V; battery 500Wh, 36V Li Ion) and the mountings on the frame.

Such a powerful city bike is seldom available from a manufacturer. But with such a bicycle city as Hamburg, it is no wonder that top-quality city bikes are designed there.

Bergamont Cycles – in a nutshell

Bergamont loves cycling. And this is also reflected in their electric bicycles. The design of the current e-hardtail bikes in particular is in a league of its own: more simplicity in design and frank understatement on two wheels is not possible. And this is only underlined by the simple dynamics and resolute frame style of the e-full suspension bikes from Bergamont.

It also has to be said that this traditional, down-to-earth company from St. Pauli is quite simply congenial and the work is carried out with mischievous gusto, which can be felt in every spoke and wheel nut. We would also like to mention that Bergamont is generally well positioned in the overall bicycle sector, including the competitive market. Whether Enduro World Series or Olympia - Bergamont is involved wherever it becomes technically interesting about bicycles.